Increase resilience.

Gain confidence.

Discover your purpose.

Are you ready to recalibrate your body and soul?

Transformation starts from the inside

Your personalized BodyMind™ Coaching program will help you get clarity and break through the walls of resistance so that you can start living your true purpose!

Weekly Mindset Calls

Virtual coaching sessions to work through resistance and help you take the next step forward.

Self-Study Modules

12 weekly progressive modules to get you started on the inner work.

Voxer Support

For the time between weekly calls when you need a little extra support.

Embodiment Practices

Guided embodiment practices to help you learn the language of your body.

If you're still not convinced

Here's a few testimonials from clients

“I discovered a new layer today, realizing and feeling how my body has lived in ‘brace mode’ waiting for the next hit, and gaining more awareness and connection to reassuring and supporting my body.”

Jen Russman

“You celebrate my little milestones or improvements because they are important to me. This sensitivity keeps me motivated and encouraged. Little steps over and over become big steps!”

Lynna Schaldemose

“Digging into the body and watching how it responds has been incredibly fascinating to watch and learn more about. Add the nervous system and the different layers of it, and sound healing was amazing!"

Hillary Tinsley


“Guiding you beyond your ‘story’ in order to maximize your highest potential in life, spirit and body”  

Are you ready?

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