Body-Soul Connection movement sessions re-acquaint yourself with yourself. I provide tools to help you manage your own health and create your own wellness journey. Move beyond the aches, pains and chronic dis-ease and reconnect with your body and nervous system. Through conscious and intentional movement, you WITH-ness your transformation and emerge with renewed energy, strength and drive.

  • Are you curious about how your body moves and if whether it’s ‘right’?

  • Why you feel frustrated because your body is limited due to pain, reduced range of motion or injury?

  • Have you wondered if there’s a relationship between ‘stuck’ emotions and physical restrictions?

  • Do you have a desire to discover what ARE your personal body movements, range of motion limitations and what do they mean?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then join me! All it takes is a commitment to be curious, an openness to shift and adopt new practices or movements and ultimately become fully aligned within our bodies to be completely empowered…

Let’s explore your movement potential and find your inner strength, your purpose and your power. Weekly virtual classes available at the following link!

Single sessions or 10 session package available: