Cycling Season is here!

Cycling Season is here!

And so are the accompanying sore shoulders, necks and backs. As I was out riding my bicycle the other day I noticed the postures of other riders and started paying more attention to my own position.

If you experience discomfort while out enjoying our beautiful city and back roads, there may be a few very simple solutions!

First, make sure that your bike fits you properly. Most bike shops are able to provide you with a good review and make some modifications for you.

Second, check your posture – yes posture is important on a bicycle as well! Do you tend to roll back off your sitz bones? This may result in more force through your sacroiliac (SI) joint and cause discomfort. Use your core strength to keep your pelvis in a neutral seated position to stabilize your low back and stay pain free.

Are you hanging out in your shoulders? Stay strong through those arms! Longer rides can increase fatigue in your arms with the tendency to drop our sternum down through our shoulder girdle – this will result in neck and shoulder pain, and even headaches! Use your arms and hands to keep your shoulders and upper back strong and your rib cage light to decrease any pressure throughout the spine.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly! Enjoy your ride and stay healthy and safe!


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