AWAKEN to the POWER within and unleash your SOUL PURPOSE 

Soul-immersion 1:1 coaching dives deep into the eight life wheel areas (Health & Wellness, Family, Relationships, Social) and begins pulling at the threads of your existence, unravelling the knots and allowing clarity, compassion and a connection to your innate awareness and wisdom. Together we walk the edges of your comfort zones and release years of conditioning to discover your truth and power. Through a gentle process of going within and seeking guidance from our heart and soul, we find answers, the truth and the wisdom.

What do I get?

  • WEEKLY coaching calls with guided somatic movement

  • UNLIMITED voice messenger support

  • INDIVIDUAL Human Design Reading (75 min recording) valued at 111 USD) to understand your unique design and blueprint and ways for you to live and stay energetically aligned with your true purpose

  • WEEKLY alignment modules, journaling prompts or recordings guide you in defining your vision, cultivating daily rituals, understanding your fears and many more…

  • MONTLY personalized sound healing session with 99% pure alchemy crystal bowls, gongs and Shruti box for energy clearing and healing

Your transformation:

  • Rediscover your true passion and develop a private practice to continue nurturing and expanding

  • Reconnect with your body with curiosity and intuition to develop healthy and integrated movement patterns

  • Use your voice in alignment with your human design to maintain health, stability and direction in all areas of your life

  • Identify and be aligned in your vision to living your true authentic Self, accept and live from a place of comfort without resistance

  • Live your life with purpose in your vision of your future self NOW, have clarity in your meaning and purpose and OWN your true Self

  • Understand and interpret your fears and not-self themes to live in your truth, learn to use them as your navigation in decisions

Packages start at $997 USD Monthly payment options available