BodyMind Coaching


Are you feeling stuck? Frustrated? Bored? Have you been feeling that there is a healthier way to live life? How would it feel to wake up every morning and feel ALIVE, full of ENERGY, HAPPY, FULFILLED?

Reconnection, attunement, inner balance – it is all within you. A customized program that meets the needs within your schedule, where you work your body through movement, challenge your mind and shift your nervous system, and replenish your soul by honouring self-care practices and values. Depending on your specific needs, your program may include:

  • Discovery/Consultation session meeting (free)

  • Practices, goals, and resources delivered via your special access link

  • 1:1 targeted coaching conversations to keep you motivated, celebrate your victories, and help you through struggles (virtually or in person)

  • Sound healing session using Alchemy Crystal Bowls (virtually or in person)

  • Digital communication support and accountability throughout

  • Investment ranges depending on your individual needs

Are you are ready… ready to take this next step to transform, to embody, to be aligned with your true purpose?

Come back home.. to your body

Book your free discovery call now and start your journey…!