Are you living in alignment?

Are you living in alignment?

We’re not talking about our spine, but it’s good to ensure that your spine is healthy too! I’m referring to your daily habits, choices, things you do on a daily basis: Work, Netflix, reading, cooking, meditating, school, exercising; the things that you do every day that fill your time. What do those things really mean to you? How do they make you feel? We live in a fast-paced world where we can get ‘instant’ gratification by clicking on a button on our smart phone to fill your virtual shopping cart with an item in less than two minutes and delivered to your door in days… Was it worth it? Maybe, maybe not.

Try an exercise (adapted from Kyle Cease’s book ‘The Illusion of Money’): take 5 minutes and jot down all of the things you do in a day – don’t think about it too much, just write. Then go back and look through each item and read it and FEEL a number between 1 and 10 (10 being a no brainer, it’s amazing and makes me feel awesome). If you’re having to think about the number, chances are it’s lower – because you’re not FEELING it. If it makes you feel heavy – it’s a 1 or 2. So assign a number, then add up all your numbers to get a total. Then take that total and divide by the number of items you wrote down (the average). This is your alignment number. Maybe it’s not as high as you thought – go through your lower numbered items and consider them; perhaps you can do without, or maybe you can shift your perspective on how they make you feel… (but don’t quit your job just because it’s a 1 or 2).

You have the ability to shift your alignment by making choices to engage in activities or practices that boost your alignment and allow you to live authentically. Look at your higher numbers and focus more on those activities or habits, do things that make you FEEL good!

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