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I have always been inspired to live a healthy lifestyle, competing as a high-level gymnast at a young age, as well as participating in soccer, hockey, figure skating, music lessons, and more! These habits carried through to my adult life where I competed in long-distance cycling races, triathlons, marathons, and trail events. This same determination and courage launched my career upwards into management positions making over six-figure salaries. I had everything, I was successful!

These experiences brought my young strong ego so much satisfaction! But my body felt differently. It crashed and rejected me with extreme weight loss, severe nutritional deficiencies, and overuse injuries requiring radical surgery.

In what may have seemed like a spontaneous decision at the time to others, in 2018 I quit my full-time job and returned to my roots and passion as a movement educator. Once I made that decision, there was a cascade of steps that were laid out before me that allowed me to make embodied choices and take ownership of my destiny and purpose.

From The Founder

Now, guided by my own adventures and experiences, I get to help others hold onto their vision for what else is possible so that they allow for deep transformations into a higher state of fulfillment, recalibration, and mastery.

​Everybody is unique.  My embodied approach to coaching takes a holistic view of the mind, body, and soul, utilizing an intuitive healing method re-establishing the connection to restore a complete inner and outer balance.  My passion is reflected through the inspiration of self-healing and self-empowerment.

I am a Kinesiologist by education, Certified BodyMind Coach, Classical Pilates Instructor and RYT200 Yoga Teacher, and a student of Somatic Experiencing®.

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